Flowchart: Flowchart is a graphical or diagrammic representation of a program or an algorithm. It is very helpful for the programmers. It helps the programmers to understand the basic consept of any particular program or an algorithm so that it becomes easier to write the codes and explaining to the others.Different symbol are used to explaining the codes, So have a look on the following table:

Symbol Purpose Description
Start or end flowchart Terminal (Stop/Start) This is used to represent the start or the end of a flowchart .
flowline Flow line This is used to indicate the flow of a flowchart.
Processing Processing This is used for different Arithmetic operations, variable declare and excuting Statement.
Input/Output Input/Output This is used for Input or Output data representation.
Desicion Desicion This is used for representing the Desicion.
connector On-page Connecto This is used to join different flow line and etc.

See the following example:
int main(){
  int a, b,c;
  c = a+b;
  printf("Result= %d",c);
  return 0;

Let's make a flowchart for the above code:

flowchart example