HSC English First Paper Suggestion 2020

Warning About this HSC English First Paper Suggestion 2020

This hsc English First Paper Suggestion 2020 is Designed by top class English teschers around our country who are making hsc English first paper questiones for you . So do not go to the star rating read all the questiones properly . We have given the English First Paper Suggestion number by number . So that student can easily find the questions .

HSC ICT Suggestion

HSC English First Paper Final Suggestion

Read Passage-(1, 2 & 3) (Accroding to Text Book)

  • Unit-1 : Lesson-31 *****v.i.p All[Must], JB[No]
  • Unit-2 : Lesson-1***, 2***
  • Unit-3 : Lesson-2*****
  • Unit-4 : Lesson-1***** RB[No]
  • Unit-5 : Lesson-2**** Dha[No],Din[No]
  • Unit-6 : Lesson-1(2)*****
  • Unit-7 : Lesson-4(2)**
  • Unit-8 : Lesson-1(2)***, 2(2)***, 5(2)*****
  • Unit-9 : Lesson-3***,4*****v.i.p Dha[Must], SB[No]
  • Unit-10 : Lesson-1(3)***, 3****
  • Unit-11 : Lesson-1(2)****, 2(2)**, 4(2)*****
  • Unit-12 : Lesson-2(1)***, 3**, 5(2)*****
  • Unit-14 : Lesson-1(1)***, 2(2)*****, 3(2)***
  • Unit-15 : Lesson-4 *****

Question No.7 Paragraph

  • Food Adulteration**** Dha[no], All[Must]
  • The Historic 7 March Speech ***
  • Higher Education in Bangladesh ***** v.i.p
  • Climate Change ***** v.i.p All[Must]
  • The uses and abuses of Mobile Phone*****
  • Treeplantation*****
  • Diaspora ChaB[No] *****v.i.p
  • Folk Music *** Bb[No]
  • Internet*****V.i.p

Question no.8 Completing a story :

  • An honest woodcutter ***** Din[Must]
  • Unity is strength ***** All[Must]
  • The Dove and the Ant***** v.i.p
  • The greedy farmer***
  • A thirsty Crow****
  • A responsible young girl***** v.i.p
  • Money cannot bring happiness**** Dha[Must]
  • Slow and steady wins the race.***
  • Love can conquer everything*****

Question no.9 Informal letter/E-mail:

  • Providing Internet facilities/ inviting him to visi your country. ***** Dha[Must] v.i.p
  • My preparation on the coming HSC Examination. ***** SB[No]
  • The importance of physical exercise ***
  • Describing the natural beauty of Bangladesh.*****
  • Thanking your friend for a birthday gift**
  • The usefulness of reading newspaper.***** Dha[No] ALL[Must]
  • Increasing hostel facilities *****

Question no.10 Describing/Analyzing Map, Graph & Chart:

  • Time allocation of students daily activities***** All[must]
  • The Facebook users from 2000 to 2009 **** CB:[No] All[Must]
  • A chart on the percentage of the types of books in a college library ***** Dha:[must]
  • The sources of environment pollution in a city***** Di[No]
  • A graph on the percentage of persons completing different educational levels *****
  • A graph on the choice of profession by educated people Mobile phone users/subscribers in Bangladesh*** Dha[No]
  • Time allocation of students daily activities***** CB[No] All[Must]
  • The percentage of transportation used by 800 students to come to college. ****

  • I will arise and go now, and go to *** Di[No],Dha[No]
  • Love and the time story Under the greenwood tree *****v.i.p All[Must]
  • Daffodils***** JB[No]
  • Ozymandias***
  • Hold fast to dreams Real solution to problem *****
  • Beacause I have seen Bengal's face I will seek no more*****
  • Unconditional love**** CB[No]

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