HSC English Second Paper Suggestion 2020

Warning About this HSC English Second Paper Suggestion 2020

This hsc English Second Paper Suggestion 2020 is Designed by top class English teschers around our country who are making hsc English Second paper questiones for you . So do not go to the star rating read all the questiones properly . We have given the English Second Paper Suggestion number by number . So that student can easily find the questions .

HSC ICT Suggestion

HSC English Second Paper Final Suggestion

Ques no-13. Writing formal letters

  • To the Principal for setting up an English Debating Club English language Club/ Computer Lab. *****v.i.p All[Must], Din,Bor[No]
  • To the Principal for increasing common room facilities. Multimedia facilities/Library facilities.
  • To the Principal seeking permission to go on a study tour and financial help. FRB-197 Seat in the college hostel ** Transfer Certificate.*****

Or, E-mail:

  • About the importance of attending multi-media class regularly. ***
  • Asking admission procedure for overseas students. **
  • Providing internet facilities.****

Ques no-14. Report Writting:

  • A Report on Road accident ***** all[Must], CB[No]
  • Report on a trade fair ****
  • Report on the impact of Facebook *****
  • Report on a trafic Jam ****
  • A Report on Tree plantation / deforestation*****
  • A report on a massive fire on a garment factory/life of Slum Dwellers**
  • A report on the results of HSC exam/Prize giving ceremony.**** JB[No]

Question no-15. Writing Paragraph

  • Computer/Internet/Uses and Positive and negative impact of Facebook **** All[Must]
  • The Historic 7 March Speech ***
  • Bangabandhu Satellite -1
  • Higher Education in Bangladesh ***** v.i.p
  • Climate Change ***** v.i.p All[Must]
  • The uses and abuses of Mobile Phone*****
  • Treeplantation*****
  • Diaspora ChaB[No] *****v.i.p
  • Folk Music *** Bb[No]
  • Internet*****V.i.p
  • Drug Addiction **
  • Gender Discrimination***

Question no. 16. Writing Composition

  • The necessity of Compulsory ICT Education in Bangladesh. ***** Din[Must] Dha[Must]
  • Your Childhood Memories ***** JB,CB[No]
  • Importance of reading Newspaper***** v.i.p
  • Modern Technology and Globalization*****
  • Wonders of Modern Science Uses and abuses of Internet**** Dha[No]
  • Duties and responsibilities of students***** v.i.p cha[No]
  • Your aim in life**** Dha[Must],CB[No]
  • Your hobby****RB[No]

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