Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What kind of website is it?

Ans: is a tutorial based website, which has the very value tutorial.

Q2.Why I go through this site ?

Ans: When I was learning those topics ,I faced lot more difficulties like maximum website are paid and that is very costly for a student to get rid of this I made some very rich contentful tutorial which is totally free.

Q3.Should I logged In to learn ?

Ans:As it is free for the students So no need to login while you are learning through the website.

Q4. What kind of content you are offering your website?

Ans:I am offering here only educational content side by side I am suggesting the students how to become a better programmer.

Q5.It is safe for user?

Ans:Yes, this website is safe for all users.No need worry about your cookie and all that stuff.